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Sunny Sunday

June 4
Well, I seemed to have lost a week! The end of school is rushing up quickly, and all the almost-year-end activities are taking up all sorts of time. Wednesday is the end of school picnic, and I've been volunteered for face painting....I wonder if I should tell them I can't draw? I guess I'll need to track down a few websites to find easy things to paint.
My bead box finally came home to roost (thanks Nancy!), so you'll have new pictures soon. I think I'm going to put a few up on Ebay and/or Just Beads and go from there. If you have a preference to one or the other just drop me a note and let me know, it's always good to know where you're shopping to make things easiest.
Today we're off to a graduation party the son of some friends. Since I don't feel like I've been out of high school all that long, I'm having a bit of culture shock realizing that he's 18 and off to college next year.
Enjoy your Sunday, it's a beautiful sunny day here and I hope you have the same.

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