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About Me

I learned to make glass beads by accident.
Now, thatís a little different than most artist bios, isnít it?


Each August I host a campout here at my home for a group of friends that are scattered over several states. Each year we find something to keep us occupied while sitting around and catching up on each other's lives. Some years it was plastic pony beads and letters on stretchy cord, some years it was toasting mini-marshmallows over a candle while it stormed outside. In August of 2003, one of my friends (hi, Lori!) said she was going to bring her ďbeading stuff.Ē I had visons of seed beads, and other pretties. Wow! We would be graduating from plastic pony beads! 
On Saturday morning I looked out the back door to see a fire at my patio table! Being the gracious hostess, I calmly hurried outside to see what was going on. There I met my first hothead torch. It was scary, and loud, and it was fire.
Now Lori is an art teacher, so in true teacher fashion, she told us we all had to make a bead. We didnít have to like it, and we didnít have to make two. We also had to light the torch all by ourselves. That was my first hurdle. And it was a big hurdle, I didn't even like being around power tools. Once I did that, and started melting glass for the very first time, I was hooked. There was no turning back.
Since that time Iíve graduated up to my ďbig girl torch,Ē expanded my glass selection, stocked up on all sorts of goodies to make into jewelry, and pretty much have done all I can to lose myself in this wonderful world of lampworking.


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