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January and new beginnings

January already?? I have no idea how that happened. Lots of things have been going on in my life lately. Some big changes are right on the horizon. Iíve been working at Threade Bear for the last four years. Iíve enjoyed every minute of it. Iíve learned so much, and found myself traveling in whole new directions. The owner has decided to retire and Threade Bear will be closed as of February 28. Until then Iíll be putting in a bit more time while we work through the closing sale and get things wrapped up.

What does that mean for you and why should you care? Well, if you are hoping to find more beads and jewelry made by me, it means a lot. Iíll have more time to devote to beads and jewelry. The part of my life I enjoy so much, but it seems to suffer when ďlife happens.ď Youíll be seeing more focals and sets available here, on eBay and on JustBeads. The finished jewelry sections of this website have been a bit neglected lately and they will be filling up also. Youíll be seeing more of the styles youíve seen before and Iíve got several new things in the works. Iím very excited about the changes and being able to devote more time at the torch, and also more time to play making finished jewelry. The more things I try the more I canít wait to try!

So keep checking back, make sure youíre signed up for my newsletter so you donít miss any breaking news, and hold on, it should be a fun ride!

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